Zack is the affable and care free friend of all around him. He is a former member of The Tsurugi, but left, disgusted with their growing use of violence. However, due to this membership he knows quite a number of the Tsurugi, although he has never before had to utilize this information.

Zack is an occasional smoker, which often attracts the ire of Whelan, who refrains from such practices. He is highly loyal and humorous, although his cheerful personality isn't all that it seems.


Along with Anthony Morgan, Zack was initially one of the two playable characters, although this was later expanded upon. Despite this, he remains as a main protagonist of the story alongside Anthony with the other characters taking on a supporting role. Zack was made to be somewhat more cynical than his real life counterpart.


  • Zack is actually based off a real life friend of Kevin Holmes

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