Tsurugi is a primary antagonist in Nevermore Gaming's "Project Nevermore"


Little is known about Tsurugi's past. His birthplace and childhood are as of yet, unrevealed. When asked whether his past would be elaborated on, Holmes stated "We're trying to focus the game more on the present time, rather than the past. But maybe.."

Creation of the TsurugiEdit

At an unknown time in his life, Tsurugi formed a gang which he named "The Tsurugi". It is possible that he took up the mantle of Tsurugi after forming the gang. The gang initially where little more than a few friends, but soon they began to stage criminal acts, although minor. However, over time their acts became more violent, dangerous and sadistic, led by Tsurugi's cold malice the gang became highly feared in Dublin. The gang grew vastly, and grew to be greatly out of Police control. The group reached a new level of power with the collapse of the government system, and have essentially become the rulers of the Dublin area.

Concept and CreationEdit

Tsurugi was the first antagonist created by Holmes for the game. He has been described as cold and mysterious. Holmes has stated he wishes to make Tsurugi appear highly intimidating in comparison to other characters in the game, so that the player will grow to fear him as an entity.


  • The name Tsurugi was taken from Cloud Strife's sword in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, as a tribute to the game and film.
  • Similarly, Tsurugi wields a sword similar to Cloud Strife's in the game.
  • Of all the game's characters, Holmes describes Tsurugi as "probably the most cliché" character.

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