Project Nevermore will feature a unique and innovative story with branching storylines and subplots, with the outcome depending on the players actions during the game. [Nevermore Gaming] have stated that the story of the game will be similar to the Final Fantasy in terms of length and depth, although with less emphasis on character's past lives and more focus on the present events.

However, despite Project Nevermore's creation over a year ago, very little has been revealed in regards to the storyline. And according to a statement on the Project Nevermore Official Site, the storyline and script were only completed very recently and thus went under numerous changes throughout the initial year. Due to this much of the information displayed on the site before October may now be void, although this hasn't been confirmed as of yet


A country that was once peaceful has become the playground for war, destruction, chaos and fury. Cities are set ablaze by criminals, family's are ripped apart by wars, and at the head of it all stands four factions.

The Tsurugi, a dangerous and powerful criminal faction named after their leader. Thirsty for power, they have destroyed all remnants of order and only chaos remains.

The Legion, lead by the psychotic Hiro, a criminal faction consisting largely of insane and murderous asylum escapees, they have become feared throughout the land for their violence, fueled only by the belief "That the only true joy is to take a life!"

The C.A, a catholic terrorist group who believe that catholicism is the superior religion. They have caused terror throughout the country due to their war with the protestant group, The Crows.

The Crows,a protestant terrorist group, they wish to abolish catholicism and ahve waged a long standing war against the C.A.

Meanwhile,five young teenagers seek out their friend...but a deeper plot lays hidden behind his disappearance...


Project Nevermore's story has gone under numerous revisions and changes since its creation. Although early reports stated that the story had been, for the most part, complete, it was later announced that the script had been scrapped and that it was being rewritten. In early 2008 it was again stated that another script had been scrapped. From April 2008 until July 2008 there was few updates in regards to Project Nevermore. In August 2008 Kevin Holmes stated that there would be three drafts of the script, with the first draft currently being written. However, in September 2008 Hoplmes announced that the script had been finalised and there would be no further changes.

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