Inside this article is an overview of Project Nevermore, its stages of development and how it came to be.

Concept and CreationEdit

Project Nevermore began when Kevin Holmes endeavoured to create a ROM hack of the original Final Fantasy on the NES. However, Holmes found ROM Hacking difficult and after a short period of time, the project was abandoned. Over a year later Holmes came up with the basic concept of a storyline for Project Nevermore. Although initially, Holmes did not plan to use his story concept for a game, but for a written work of fiction, his interesting in the video game industry swayed him to use the storyline for a new attempt at creating a game.

Holmes' original concept was that of two friends, Anthony Morgan and Zack Nolan setting out on a journey to find their missing friend, Thompson. The story was essentially described in that sentence, with no enemies, or setting or reason as to why Thompson was missing. By November 2007 Holmes had expanded this basic story to include four enemy factions that now rule the country, five playable characters and branching storylines. Initially holding reservations over whether or not to use Ireland as the setting for the game, Holmes eventually included the idea both due to a desire for more realism and because he found it difficult to create names for the fictional areas and towns.

In late November 2007 Holmes made his concept for the game available on his website, then called The Irish Video Game Geek's Site. The idea was met with enthusiasm and eventually the site was converted into the official site of Nevermore Gaming with the project entitled Project Nevermore, a name which would eventually become the permanent title for the game.

During the first half of 2008, Project Nevermore was incorporated as a section of the Nevermore Gaming site, but due to it's growing amount of content, it eventually gained a website of its own. The Project Nevermore site is run by Nevermore Gaming


Since it's creation, Project Nevermore has gone under numerous changes, with the most recent being the retirement of two out of three logos in favour of one logo to incompass the entirety of the project. The Project Nevermore crew has also expanded from one man to various people in various roles. Kevin Holmes is the main programmer and writer for the game, Joseph Gallagher is the Character Designer, Pétur "Pageh" Gillespie has been advertising and supporting the Project since its inception and also manages the Bebo promotional site. Both Gallagher and Gillespie will also be providing voice acting for the game. The Project's initial phase was to select a soundtrack, which according to Holmes, has still not been completed.

Throughout 2008 various scripts and storyline were written for the game, each of which was scrapped. However on September 28th, it was announced that a script had been finalised. Currently Nevermore Gaming are searching for voice actors for the characters.


Kevin Holmes

Joseph Gallagher

Pétur Gillespie


The soundtrack for the game is made up of pre-existing songs from various video games, in the main, the Final Fantasy and Castlevania series'.It is largely due to this that the Nevermore Gaming are releasing the game as a free download. Soundtrack selection began in early 2007 and has been described as a fusion of rock and metal instrumentals, to soft choirs and symphonics. The main theme of Project Nevermore is an amalgam of Come as you Are by Nirvana and That Smell by Lynrd Skynrd. As of October 2008 the soundtrack has still not been completed.


  • Project Nevermore was initially simply a title for the project, but later became the title for the game.
  • Each of the playable characters are based of real life friends of Holmes.
  • The game's concept was created by Holmes after falling out of contact with a friend for a long period of time.

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