Anthony is a playable character in Nevermore


A young man from Derry who was attacked under mysterious circumstances on New Year's Eve. On the very same night Anthony's closest friend, Thompson, disappears. With the law force in shambles and the criminal factions rising, Anthony instigates his own search for his missing friend.

Anthony is generally friendly but quite vulgar and his an affinity for swearing. Nonetheless, he is loyal and determined but occasionally slow to pick up on things.


Initially, Anthony and Zack Nolan were the only two playable characters of Project Nevermore, although this was later expanded to include 3 more playable characters. According to Nevermore Gaming, Anthony, along with Zack, still serves as the main protagonist of the story, with the other playable characters taking on supporting roles.


  • Anthony as a character is actually based off of a real life friend of Kevin Holmes.

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